The Välkky Cyclope safety capsule has been awarded the “Traffic Act of the Year” award at the Car and Traffic Gala on 27 January 2021


Finnish innovation The Välkky Cyclope safety capsule was awarded at the Auto and Traffic Gala on 27 January 2021 with the “Traffic Act of the Year” traffic safety award. The award was sponsored by LähiTapiola and handed over by LähiTapiola and Liikenneturva.

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The award ceremony for the traffic safety award at the gala pointed out the fact that the Välkky Cyclope safety capsule has been selected as an innovation that promotes the safety of protective roads. Presenters of the award, Liikenneturva and LähiTapiola, mentioned in their introduction that “the invention of the Välkky Cyclope safety capsule identifies a light traffic passer entering a protected road area and triggers a blink to the motorist. The innovation, which increases flickering road safety, is also inexpensive and easy to install.”

The award was received by Jouni Hänninen, InnoTrafik Oy's Chief Technology Officer. (Image: Car and Traffic Gala)

More traffic safety for Tampere

LähiTapiola, which sponsored the award, donated a pair of Välkky Cyclope safety capsules to the city of Tampere at the gala. City of Tampere has excelled as an implementer of modern and safety-promoting transport solutions.

Finnish invention

In 2009, Jouni Hänninen, the founder of InnoTrafik Oy, received an idea that gave rise to a flickering effect capsule that promotes the safety of guardrails. The product is manufactured in Finland and has also won the Vision Zero 2.0 traffic safety competition organized by the City of San Francisco in 2015. The ambitious goal of the Vision Zero project is to eliminate all traffic accident deaths in San Francisco by 2024.

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