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A machine or a person enters from one area to another

Driveways should be designed in such way that unnecessary intersections do not occur, but this is not always possible. The risk of a collision between a machine and a person increases when coming from behind a lift door for example to a loading dock.

A machine or a person comes from behind an obstacle

Visibility from the work machine is often poor, and the driver does not always know if people are moving in the danger zone. Observation is difficult when the work machine is coming from around a corner, due to a high load on board, or there may be large visual obstacles in the area.

Collision between work machines

In premises where a lot of machines move, for example in large logistics centers, dangerous situations may often arise between machines that move quickly. Danger of collisions and “a close call” -situations occur easily.

Random visitors on the routes of the machines

It is not always possible to equip people moving in the danger zone with safety devices. External suppliers, office staff or random visitors may walk on routes where there is a risk of collision with machines.

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