Cyclope Sign - an intelligent Traffic Sign attracts the attention of car drivers

Välkky Sign – An Intelligent Traffic Sign


Additional safety for pedestrian crossings

A half of pedestrian traffic accidents take place in dark or poor visibility conditions, and almost a half take place at pedestrian crossings. The first in the world entirely illuminated intelligent traffic sign is the new Cyclope Sign. Cyclope Sign illuminates the pedestrian crossing sign in a natural way, from inside the sign. The blinking pedestrian crossing sign draws drivers’ attention to people moving at the pedestrian crossing area.

Cyclope Sign in a nutshell

Cyclope Sign is a battery powered, illuminated membrane reflector sign for a pedestrian crossing. Operating with a twilight switch and sensors, the sign illuminates when a pedestrian or bicyclist is about to enter the pedestrian crossing area. In day time the sign works as a normal two-sided reflecting traffic sign of a pedestrian crossing.


  • A cost-effective way to improve the safety of pedestrian crossings
  • Flexible and easy to install
  • Service-free, only a change of battery needed once a year
  • Durable and protected from vandalism
  • Makes it safer and easier to cross a pedestrian crossing
  • Warns in a natural way about people at a pedestrian crossing
  • Multiple visibility compared to a normal sign
  • Enables fluent traffic, activates only when needed
  • An extensive surface illuminated from inside, activated by a twilight switch
  • Membrane reflector sign compliant with regulations (class R2 or class R3, according to country and customer specifications/needs)
  • Very good visibility in poor visibility conditions
  • Low energy consumption, duration of battery minimum 1 year in normal use
  • Size: 600 x 600 mm
  • Pole diameter for installation: 60mm
  • Sensor’s reading area 0-7 metres
  • Operating temperature -30 C° – +50 C°
  • Designed for demanding outdoor conditions

The intelligent device recognizes pedestrian movement and automatically sets on the flashing blue and white LED lights.

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