Cyclope Capsule is proven to be effective

Significant research result on the long-term effect of Cyclope Capsule's protection ability in pathway security

In autumn 2010, Sito Oy studied the effect of the Cyclope Capsule in pathway seurity in Espoo. The study found that a month after the installations, the proportion of motorists giving way to pedestrians increased by about 10 percentage points. The study was performed before / after calculations.

In November 2011, the long-term impact of the same areas was re-examined. At the calculation sites on Kuunkatu and Nihtisilla in Espoo, the share of motorists giving way to pedestrians increased by 20 percentage points from the situation before the installation. Now in Olari 54% of motorists gave way to pedestrians and in Nihtisilla 38%.

The study confirms that the effectiveness of the Cyclope Capsule as a safety solution for guardrails will further increase over time.

Destia Cyclope Capsule effectiveness study

According to two studies conducted by Destia, Cyclope Capsule slows down the speed of vehicles by an average of 4 - 5% (source: Destia, Christel Kautiala). A decrease in speed affects accident rates and, for example, a 5% reduction in speed reduces fatal accidents by 20% and injuries by 10% (source: Dependence between driving speeds and accident rates Andersson & Nilsson 1997).