An active illuminating Cyclope-i Sign catches attention in critical places

More security with actively illuminating sign

When alerting takes place the sign illuminates and flashes in active mode, emphasizing the visibility of the sign in bad or dark conditions. The red / white power LED on the surface of the sign highlights the visibility during daylight.

Target areas

  1. Rail yards
  2. Warehouses
  3. Harbours

Watch video of Cyclope i-sign in action

  • When activated the sign illuminates and blinks in twilight or in dark
  • Red / white colored power LED lights highlight the sign during the daytime
  • IP 65 Classification
  • Reflective sheet (3M Class R2)
  • Electronics covered by a protective case
  • Power Input 12 V / Batteries
  • Installation pipe and attachment components
  • Movement detection by a separate sensor
  • Option for Error Diagnostics

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