Cyclope-i Power Led with powerfull warning function.

Visible protection even in poor conditions

Cyclope-i Power Led Capsule recognizes when a forklift, a heavy duty vehicle or a train enters a protected area and begins to flash extra bright lights for pedestrian traffic. Power Led flashes red-white light. The lights are exceptionally visible even in poor conditions.

The capsules are either mains powered and service free, or battery powered. Capsule installation is extremely fast and easy.

Target areas

  1. Industrial facilities inside or outside
  2. Light traffic routes
  3. Grade crossings
  4. Danger zones

  • Led visibility in normal conditions 400m, snow blizzard 100 m
  • Reflective sheet (3M Class R2) with various options for text and graphics
  • IP65 Classification
  • Electronics covered by a protective case
  • Mounted on a 60mm pipe
  • Sensor reading range adjustable
  • Power input 12V or batteries (battery life 2-3 years in normal conditions)
  • Dual leds with several color options, default red and white
  • Error diagnostics readiness
  • Operating temperature -30 C – +60 ℃
  • Dimensions (diameter x height): 165mm x 270mm
  • Weight 1,2kg

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