Cyclope-i Counter

A flexible and cost-effective way to count pedestrians, vehicles and trains.

  • Active on 24/7 basis, enables the following of daily and weekly variations
  • Counting data can be loaded from a web application using maps
  • Counting also observes movement direction
  • Low energy consumption enables long-term surveys
  • Easily installed into a pole with a diameter of 60 mm tolppaan, easily transferred to another location
  • Sizes: diameter 120 mm, height 245 mm, weight 710 g
  • Sensor’s reading area 0–9 meters
  • Operating temperature -30 C°…+50 C°
  • Designed to be used in harsh conditions outside, IP65
  • Compatible with Cyclope Industrial Safety System
  • The Cyclope brand name is a registered Community Trademark in the European Union. Registered Community Trademark number 016382434. Pat.pend. © InnoTrafik Oy 2017

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