Cyclope® Industrial Safety System
A comprehensive alerting system for industrial facilities.

Cyclope® Industrial Safety System warns of the risk of a collision

System effectively alerts pedestrias of moving vehicles in industrial facilities. System is fixedly installed in hazardous places, and it protects pedestrians, vehicles and transportations. The traffic flows smoother as the panic braking reduces and the drivers can focus on transportations.

Cyclope Industrial Safety System is fixedly installed in hazardous places, and it protects pedestrians, vehicles and transportations.

"Moving safely in industrial environment is highly improved as the system alerts of an unforeseen collision of a machine and a person."

The system includes a sufficient amount of Cyclope-i capsules and Cyclope Sign-i, an active illuminated warning signs, which are attached to a separate switchboard.

The risk of an accident is reduced

Cyclope-i capsules can be installed in places where there is a higher risk of an accident, such as at the intersections of corridors, roads and routes.

The LEDs on the Cyclope-i detection capsule start flashing when the sensor detects a pedestrian or vehicle.

The capsules are aligned in the desired direction of travel to optimize the effectiveness of the warning signal. If necessary, the system can also be equipped with an audible buzzer.

Unmissable attention

Working safety can be improved more by installing Cyclope-i Sign devices; the basic functionality is the same as with the capsules, Cyclope-i Sign devices activate by movement, and they warn pedestrians about potential collision.

"When installed in right places the warning signals given by Cyclope-i Sign cannot in practice be missed."

Cyclope Industrial Safety System devices can be equipped with various reflective warning tapes.

Quick to install and service-free maintenance

Cyclope Industrial Safety System is quickly installed. At the same time system’s own separate switchboard will be installed. Cyclope Industrial Safety System’s devices are primarily mains powered and they are in practice service-free, or they can use internal batteries, if desired. Along with the installation of the system’s devices marking of the passing routes can be done.

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