Cyclope® Anti-collision System

Pedestrian safety is greatly improved as the new Cyclope Anti-collision System warns about unforeseen collisions of machines and persons.


Areas to be secured


1. A machine or a person enters from one space to another.

Driveways should be designed in such way that unnecessary intersections do not occur, but this is not always possible. The risk of a collision between a machine and a person increases when coming from behind a lift door for example to a loading dock.

2. A machine or a person comes from behind an obstacle.

Visibility from the work machine is often poor, and the driver does not always know if people are moving in the danger zone. Observation is difficult when the work machine is coming from around a corner, due to a high load on board, or there may be large visual obstacles in the area.

3. Collision between work machines.

In premises where a lot of machines move, for example in large logistics centers, dangerous situations may often arise between machines that move quickly. Danger of collisions and “a close call” -situation occur easily.

4. Random visitors on the routes of the machines.

It is not always possible to equip people moving in the danger zone with safety devices. External suppliers, office staff or random visitors may walk on routes where there is a risk of collision with machines.

Cyclope® Anti-collision Systems parts

Data is stored in the cloud. The interface can be used to view the information generated and to take security measures.

Data is stored in the cloud. The interface can be used to view the information generated and to take security measures.

Cyclope® Anti-collision System – the winner of tests conducted in real industrial environment!

Cyclope Anti-collision System is based on advanced and approved radio technology, and it is designed to be used in hard logistics and industrial areas.

The detector equipment, Cyclope Machine, warning the driver about the people in the machine’s operating area is inside in the cockpit – no damageable external parts or sensors on the machine.

People moving in machine’s operating area carry 3-functional alarm-detector devices, Cyclope Move, which warn pedestrians with light signal, buzzer sound and vibration effects if the machine is too close.

Functionalities of Cyclope® Machine and Cyclope® Move devices

The machine detector equipment, Cyclope Machine, has two operating units, which are installed in the machine, one in the front and one in the back of the cockpit. The units are attached to the power output of the machine. When Cyclope Machine detects a signal from the person alarm-detector, Cyclope Move, the alarm units notify the driver about a person who is approaching the machine. The detection range can be adjusted. At the same time Cyclope Move warns the approaching person that the machine is coming or near by giving a buzzer sound, a light signal and a vibration effect.

Benefits of Cyclope® Anti-collision System

  • The safety of pedestrians is significantly improved
  • Smoother transportations
  • More peaceful working environment
  • Clear alert signals

Carefree alternative

  • Easy to install
  • Service-free
  • No unclear communication or false alarms
  • Wireless functionality
  • Adjustable detection range
  • Compatible with fixedly installed Cyclope Industrial alarm devices
  • The devices can be equipped with a function to open electronic locks

Can the detection ranges of Cyclope Machine and Cyclope Move be separately adjusted?

Yes. The range adjustment of the both devices is done via USB. The detection range can be specified up to 10 cm accuracy. The devices detect and alarm within the specified range. The range for alarm is 15 meters by default in both devices.

The safety range can be adjusted to be shorter in tight spaces where the speed of the machines remains low.

Cyclope Move usability

The size and shape of Cyclope Move are designed and tested in order to get the best usability experience.

InnoTrafik Oy develops and manufactures products by taking into account the Government regulations and other similar requirements

InnoTrafik Oy manufactures anti-collision warning systems that improve the safe use of mobile work equipment. InnoTrafik Oy develops its products by taking into account Government regulations on the safe use of work equipment. InnoTrafik Oy's equipment warns of the danger of collisions with othr work equipment or people. The devices can be used to improve perception with visual, auditory and vibration alerts.

Government Act

Amendment to the Government Act on the Safe Use and Inspection of Work Equipment. The amendment to the act entered into force on 1 March 2020. Read more

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